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.The Story

This planet used to be a peaceful place...well, other than conflicts between countries, problems with money, crimes and such, everything was good. But everything changed one day when a strain of virus suddenly spread throughout the planet. At first everyone thought it was just a simple headache and fever, but then the behavior of the infected people changed within 24 hours of infection --- they suddenly became stronger than us, very violent and...exhibited cannibalistic behaviors. They kill or eat their own wives or parents or sons or daughters, their relatives, friends and neighbors without remorse. They couldn't hear their victims' pleas. Those who survive the attack can either live for an uncertain number of days or be infected too. How the infection pass from one person to another was still unknown, so the government's solution was to kill everyone who has fever or experience headache.

The planet became red with blood. The stench of rotting flesh and the cries of pain where everywhere.

Those who think or proved to be free from this virus try to save their own lives by...running, escaping, any way they think they could save or preserve themselves...sometimes to the expense of other people. A group of five people called The Elders were more brilliant than the others for they think that there is no hope in being alone, or being selfish. They tried to look for a secluded place and then built a town which they called Hadea. It became a haven for the un-defiled. People who are not contaminated by the virus were allowed to stay and live in this walled, secluded, and secret town. They were being given food, shelter, and emotional debriefing and therapy, while The Elders try to figure out how to defeat the virus.

But they cannot do it on their own for it is a big task. Your action is needed before the virus penetrates the town.


.The Setting

The year is 2015, a not-so-distant future from ours. Hadea is a small town where people try to live normally despite the plague going on outside the town and all over the planet. Here, The Elders and volunteers try to find a way to defeat the plague and bring things on this planet back to normal.

A group of doctors and nurses are on stand-by checking people who are entering the town for symptoms of the virus. They only allow people who are free from symptoms to enter the town. Those who have symptoms of the unknown virus will be handled accordingly ---- how, no one knows except for them and their escorts. With them are armed militia ready to safeguard the town from outside attacks. Every now and then, nurses round around town to monitor everyone's health.

The town is not primitive, as it has acquired a few technology from their former countries, but is "not super high tech" since they are still trying to develop what was left from them. The town, while still using a monetary unit --- the Ru --- in exchanging products and services among themselves, try to provide the town with the raw materials needed by the thriving industries and citizens. There are lots dedicated to cultivating fruits and vegetables for food and other products. Poultry and farms are also provided. Water supply and electricity are provided by Jinsei Waterfalls, which is also guarded by armed volunteers. Hadea tries to be self-sufficient, as there is a great risk of using products and goods from the "outside world".

The Elders:

.The Elders

Site-Wide Plot Elders13

*Note: Information is frequently updated. Please check this page every once in awhile.

1. Fukui Nanase

Full of charm and looks very young for her age (she's already in her 40s!), Nanase is the voice of the group. She always faces the populace whenever there are things The Elders wanted to inform them. Among the five, she is the one the citizens often see roaming around and checking on people or welcoming new comers.

Oh, have we already mentioned that she's multilingual?

2. Edward Lewis

Nanase's opposite, and they are not related to one another. Edward can only be seen in his office, and usually before one could meet him face to face, a lot of talks with his secretary comes first. This is the reason why people think he's not easy to reach. The last time he went out of his office and roam around town he has scolded a few people and made a number of children cry.

3. Kyla

The only verified information the citizens know about Kyla is that she's the youngest in the group. People say she's helpful, but you couldn't hear a word from her --- literally.

4. Alvaro

The only verified information the citizens know about him is his name.

5. Margaret Langley

The only verified information the citizens know about her is her name. There are rumors that she was a monarchy in a country before the plague.

The People:

.The People and Other Information About Them

A. In Hadea

The people in the town of Hadea and in this planet, that includes YOU, are plain humans. Yes, humans. It is now common sense that any other race or mythical beings or mechanical beings or gods or demi-gods or any organic being except for humans or non-organic beings / sentient are not allowed. It is also common sense that your character has no special skills or abilities. Yup, sorry you cannot harness mother energy or whatever energy and turn it into nuclear bomb. However, you can have a weapon with a super power. For starters, you can have one (1) weapon. Please refer to the Guides to check on the requirements and rules regarding weapons.

Now, nationality of your character is not that important. You can be American or Japanese or Javanese or Czech, for all we care. Just please state in your character application how the plague affected your life and how you get in Hadea.

Quick Facts:
Average Human Speed: (Walking) 5.0 kilometres per hour; The normal running speed varies a lot with sex, age and the level of fitness. However the average running speed is considered to be around 12 to 15 miles per hour.
Average Reaction Time: 215 milliseconds
Average Strength: This is the reference. Well, if you're really itching to look at it, go ahead!
Average Intelligence: IQ Scores of 90 - 109 is the normal or average intelligence because this page said so.

B. Member's Forum Access
Initially, members can only RP in the following places within Hadea:

  • Town Square
  • Residences
  • Northern Hadea
  • Eastern Hadea
  • Western Hadea
  • Southern Hadea

If you have at least two approved weapons, which means it is presumed that your character can protect himself adequately, you can already post in these forums:

  • Just Outside the Walls
  • Outside Hadea

To be granted with access, please request in the Character Improvement Requests thread.

In some cases, the Site Managers open certain boards/forums for you to RP tasks for a limited time. Check out the announcements to every now and then!

*Note: The list is updated every now and then, so make sure to check them every once in a while.

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