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Tasks' General Information Empty Tasks' General Information

Post by Sandara on Tue May 28, 2013 7:21 pm

Town tasks are simply "missions". These missions either help for the growth of the town or to accomplish agendas of some Elders.

The levels of difficulty of each tasks is ranged by the number of stars which can be seen in the description of the task. The easiest one is has one star, while the hardest one has five stars.

If you want to take one of the tasks, take note of the tasks requirements or the things your character must possess before applying for the mission. Then, just reply to the task thread your intent to take the mission. Wait for the approval of the Site Managers or Supervisors before starting the thread. Remember that the tasks are not supposed to be done in solo (otherwise explicitly stated in the task description itself), so you need a partner to do it.

Once you have completed the task, post the link of the thread to the task thread, and wait for the Site Manager to clear your thread and give away your rewards. Before submitting your threads for completion, be sure you have met all that is needed to be done as asked by the task.

You may take six (6) tasks at a time. You can only do a task once per character, except if the task explicitly states that you can retake it.

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