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Post by Sandara on Thu May 23, 2013 7:31 am

Isolation RPG: Site Rules

Hello and welcome to Isolation RPG. Please take some time to read our rules. This will be a big life saver for you during your stay in our site.

.General Behavior and OOC

  • Respecting everyone is a must. Yes, everyone, may it be a member of the staff, and ordinary member of the site, or a guest. Respecting others is our number one rule. You may dislike someone, but be discreet. We will kick you in the ass really hard if you caused hard-core drama in the site. Don't bring issues you have with someone in RL into the site. We would also allow occasional trolling, but we frown upon heavy trolling, especially if it is already annoying and is offending members. Also, don't ruin someone else's fun like bashing his character application, plot or whatever, unless he's already doing something against the rules. No bashing. No flaming and flame-baiting. No insults or rude remarks.

    It wouldn't harm if you will remember this: your rights end when you're already stepping on someone else's right.

    Violate this rule may cause banning of your account, so watch out.

  • Respect and obey the staff. They don't get paid in this job, and you don't feed them or give them shelter. They do their job voluntarily, and they also have their private lives, so the least you can do is be respectful, obey and be patient. Do what they said you should do, especially when they are checking your applications or you're requesting them something. They know what they're doing.

  • Moderating is reserved for staff members only.

  • Racial discrimination or racial profiling is very much not allowed. If you're proved to be guilty of this you'll be banned from the site for at least a week to a maximum of eternity, depending on the gravity of your offense.

  • We strictly disallow sexual content in the chatbox or OOC threads or in signatures.

  • If you want to promote or advertise a site, please do so in our Advertisement area. That is guest-friendly so it'll be easier for you to promote and less headaches for us. Please avoid advertising in the cbox!

  • Spamming is a big no-no (both in cbox and in the forum)!

  • If there is a need to bump certain threads, like apps, please do so only once every 24 hours according to this board's time zone ( GMT +8 ). Please be patient.

.In Character

  • We know you're here to rp and have fun, so to save you from headaches later on make sure you have an approved character before you role play.

  • You can have alternate accounts, but you can only have one alternate account and you should have at least 100 posts and member for at least three weeks in the site.

  • God-modding, meta-gaming, Mary Sues and/or Gary Stus are strictly prohibited. Should we explain more?

  • Let your minds be exercised and your vocabulary be stretched by posting more than one line in your role-play threads.

  • You may only kill a character if the owner of the character permits it or both of you entered a thread which allows player-killing. Be aware that if you consented to be killed or you entered a player-killing thread and you were killed, that means your character is already dead and needs to be buried in the site's cemetery. Sorry, we don't have a crematorium yet, so I hope the cemetery suffices.

  • Whenever your thread gets gory, too violent, or above PG13, we suggest that you tag your thread with [M] for mature, or use the Warning: Mature icon Site Rules Sign-Warning-icon which can be seen when you make / edit a post. We also should remind you that sexual content will not be tolerated, since it is against the ToS of Forumotion. So in case the thread is heading that way, fade-to-black it or fast forward.


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