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[1 Star] Water is Life Empty [1 Star] Water is Life

Post by Sandara on Tue May 28, 2013 6:44 pm

Water Is Life

Difficulty: Like a Star @ heaven
Task Requirements: None
Rewards: 100 EXP points
Task Details:

Elder Nanase:
Oh, you're here. I heard you wanted to do a task for the town, and good thing we need people today. We're conducting our routine check-up on the waters of Jinsei Falls. We need water samples from the falls. Please get one sample right from the falling water, and another from the foot of the falls. Take these sterilized empty vials with you. *hands them over to you*

Be sure not to contaminate those water samples, or contaminate the water of the falls itself! It is most preferred that you take water samples without touching the water. How you're going to do it, it's up to you. Oh, the falls is heavily guarded so take this letter from me and show that to them so they'll let you in.

Can you make it within an hour? Thank you!


  • Get water samples from the falls, as described above.
  • On your way to the falls, you'll lost the letter given to you by Elder Nanase. Either you look for it and waste time, or don't mind the letter, go to the falls and deal with the guards.
  • Make sure you will finish the task within the time frame (IC)
  • Minimum of 300 words per post. Minimum of 5 posts per person. Post your thread in Jinsei Falls.

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