[1-Star] Catch the Thief!

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[1-Star] Catch the Thief! Empty [1-Star] Catch the Thief!

Post by Sandara on Tue May 28, 2013 6:59 pm

Catch the Thief!

Difficulty: Like a Star @ heaven
Task Requirements: With at least one (1) approved weapon
Rewards: 150 EXP Points, 1000 Ru
Task Details:

Mr. Hawkins owns a mini-farm located at Southern Hadea. The mini-farm is abundant with high-class vegetables, and with his produce he supplies restaurants in Hadea. However, these past few days he noticed that the number of his produce is being reduced day after day, even if he hasn't harvested them. He believes someone is taking his precious plants during the night, as a number of teenagers saw a blonde man in his farm every night for three nights. Where the culprit brings those vegetables no one knows.

Mr. Hawkins wants you to catch the thief and turn him over to authorities.

- Explore Southern Hadea and apprehend the thief.
- Roll the Mob Dice to know if you've caught or seen your subject, or you've met any other burglar.

  • White Mob - Not the thief you're looking for, but a high druggie wandering around at night. He can be aggressive.
  • Green Mob - Not the thief you're looking for, but another thief.
  • Red Mob - That's him! He's armed and dangerous, so watch out!

- The mission should be done at night time.
- Do not kill the thief! Turn him over to authorities.

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