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Character Application Template Empty Character Application Template

Post by Sandara on Tue May 28, 2013 1:06 pm

We require you to follow this template, if not we will feed you to our pet iguana... joke. Fill out the required fields as relaxed as you can. Yes, being in panic won't help you or us. Copy and paste the template below into a new thread. Remember that the title should always be Last Name, First Name. Put [WIP] tag if you're not done, and remove it once you're ready to be evaluated by our ever-so-friendly staff. Don't even dare to add things like "Guest The Best" or your application will not be approved. If your image for your character is too big (400px<), use the spoiler tags.

Please read the Guides before filling this out. Remember we don't accept other organic beings (except for humans), inorganic creatures, mechanical beings, demi-gods and gods. Yes, you're just HUMAN. Deal with it.

.Last Name, First Name

Basic Information
Alias: (your character's nickname)
Age: (your character's age. We beg you not to put something older than 99.)
Occupation (what does your character do for a living, if he has one? No scientists and researchers at the moment. If your character has none, or you're planning to save that for later, put NONE.)
Gender: (Check your character's privates to know what you should answer here.)

Tell Me Something About Yourself
Sexuality: (Straight? Bi? Asexual?)
Personality: (Please give us a detail of your character's personality, preferably a paragraph long, that is at least 5 sentences.)
Likes: (Give at least 5)
Dislike: (Give at least 5)
Habits: (Give at least one)

Mirror, Mirror.
Appearance: (Post here a picture of your character, or a well-detailed description of your character's appearance, at least one paragraph with 5 sentences long, or both.)

Your Back Story
Character History: (Give us information about your character's past. Anywhere in your back story, please state how the plague affected your character's life and how you get in Hadea. This should not be less than one paragraph with 5 sentences long...but don't exaggerate the length! We have life too.)


[size=18][color=green].Last Name,[/color] [color=red]First Name[/color][/size]

[color=indigo][i][u]Basic Information[/u][/i][/color]
[b]Gender: [/b]

[color=indigo][u][i]Tell Me Something About Yourself[/i][/u][/color]

[color=indigo][u][i]Mirror, Mirror.[/i][/u][/color]

[color=indigo][u][i]Your Back Story[/i][/u][/color]
[b]Character History:[/b]

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