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Post by Sandara on Thu May 23, 2013 7:46 am


The "Dice Roll" is a system that was set up to make RPing a little bit challenging. This also *hopefully* ensures that the chance of god-modding will be decreased, if not eliminated. In the site we have 4 dice, each of them has its own purpose. The "Dice Roll" is expected to be used by the members in tasks/missions and sometimes, if called by the situation, in official tournament / plot threads. Other than that, it's up to you if you want to use it in your normal threads.

Mob Die

The Mob Die is for the "random" encounters you have with the mobs. Each face of the die, which is 3, defines the level of mobs you encounter, which are the following:

  • White Mob - The mob or monster or whatever you wanna call it is weaker than you. More often than not, its power or the damage it can do is lower than the damage your weapon can do.
  • Green Mob - This is your average mob. It is in the same level as you are.
  • Red Mob - The mob in this level is more adept and skillful than you are. Most probably you will have difficulty in defeating mobs of this kind.

Attack Die
As the name implies, this die defines the quality of your attack, may it be using your weapon or your fist. It has four faces --- fail, almost successful, success, and critical.

  • Fail - This is obvious. Your attack failed. Nothing is being deducted to your opponent's HP. (Probability: 30%)
  • Almost Successful - Yes, you hit your target, but not that much. 50% of the damage is being reduced to your opponent's HP. (Probability: 30%)
  • Successful - Just like the name suggests, when this is the result of your roll the attack you had been attempting hit the target, and 100% of the damage is being reduced to your opponent's HP. (Probability: 30%)
  • Critical - Lucky are those who gets this face. By some sort of luck, you've become uber successful and 150% of the damage is being reduced to your opponent's HP. (Probability: 10%)

Defense Die

In cases that you want to be in defensive mode or that no one rolls the attack die and you wanna dodge or defend, this is the die for you. This has two sides, and 50% chance you'll get one of the two (lolololol):

  • Evaded - You have evaded / dodged the attack, and 0 damage is being deducted
    to your HP.
  • Failed - You failed in dodging the attack. The damage done will be deducted to your HP.

Chance Die
This is for the other things, like opening a loot, detecting traps, stealing a kiss from someone, attempting to steal their underwear, etc. This has two faces --- SUCCESS or FAIL, both of which are self-explanatory.


From http://help.forumotion.com/t3347-the-rpg-feature

To roll the dice, a member must post a message (not a quick-reply). Right below the "Send" button, there is the list of all available dices. You must choose which one to roll, and choose how many times you want to roll it (default is "1"). In addition of your own post, the game-master will automatically post a message with the results of your dices roll.

Notice: You can't roll a dice while creating a new subject or editing a message. The dices options won't appear in this cases.


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