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Post by Sandara on Thu May 23, 2013 7:36 am

.Character Points

Character Points are points you can get when you level up and which you can use to develop your character.

Health (HP)
Nothing much should be explained about HPs. As we all know, when your HP bar goes down so is your character nearing death, hence you need to be healed, cured or recover. You just need simple math to deduct a damage to your HP. As a start, you get 100 HP. You can upgrade your HP in multiples of 100. The maximum HP one can get is 4000.

Weapon Mastery
Weapon Mastery defines how adept you are in handling weapons. This also governs the damage done by your weapon. So from this description, the higher your Weapon Mastery, the higher damage you can do using your weapon and the more proficient you are in handling your weapons --- you know, you don't shoot yourself accidentally or whatever.

As your Weapon Mastery level increases, your damage and proficiency is increased by 5%. So example, you have Level 2 Weapon Mastery and you upgraded to Level 3, you now have 20% mastery and your weapon's damage is increased by 15% (15% of the base damage, so if your weapon has the base damage of 100, your new damage upon upgrade of WM is 115).

Level Point Requirement Equivalent
Level 1 default 10% mastery; basic weapon damage
Level 2 100 points15% mastery; +10% of base damage
Level 3 150 points 20% mastery; +15% of base damage
Level 4 200 points 25% mastery; +20% of base damage
Level 5 250 points 30% mastery, +25% of base damage
Level 6 300 points 35% mastery, +30% of base damage
Level 7 350 points 40% mastery, +35% of base damage
Level 8 400 points 45% mastery, +40% of base damage
Level 9 450 points 50% mastery, +45% of base damage
Level 10 500 points 55% mastery, +50% of base damage

Caveat: This can be changed later on when the owner's mind is already stable. But at the moment, this will be implemented. ^^,


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