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Characters can have weapons. These weapons are used either to protect themselves from any form of aggression, to ward off any imminent evil, or just showing off while walking down the town (though the police will keep an eye on you!) Weapons can only have one tech / ability / skill. Please be mindful of the abilities / skills which we do not allow:

  • Any form of manipulation or bending.
  • Immortality
  • Time Travel / Time-related abilities
  • Instant Death abilities
  • Unblockable Abilities
  • Indestructible weapons or abilities
  • Any form of absolution

For a start, a character can have one weapon. As you progress, you can have additional weapons. These can be obtained by leveling up.

You can also put enhancements on your weapon that can add to the damage your weapon can do. But, be reminded that the maximum damage of one weapon in total, including upgrades in WM and enhancements, should not exceed 2000.

.Weapon Enhancements

One way of enhancing your weapon is by "attaching a gem" to it. You can buy gems at The Shop. You can also join events where the managers will give away gems as prizes.

Remember that one weapon can only hold a maximum of two gems.


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